Free support through to contract completion

To help employers, apprentices and trainees get through their apprenticeship or traineeship successfully, we offer a range of support. We can assist you in navigating workplace issues, personal issues and training issues.

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Mentor Hotline

Our confidential hotline is available to apprentices, trainees and employers.

You’ll be able to call us for:

  • Advice on managing any problem or issue
  • Referrals to specialist services
  • Book face-to-face appointments with our mentors if the matter requires further attention
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We have a team of expert mentors, trained in a range of social supports, to assist with complex matters face-to-face. The team focusses on alleviating any problems affecting an apprentice or trainee completing their contract successfully and will assist with:

  • Mediating work issues
  • Providing impartial support and advice to apprentices, trainees, and employers
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CCIWA Employee Relations Advice Centre

As an Apprenticeship Support Australia client, the team at CCIWA are just a phone call away whenever you need them. Call for expert advice on issues impacting your apprentices and trainees, including:

  • The award, minimum wages and employment conditions
  • Human resource management and entitlements

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