Contracts & Claims Support

The only administration hub in WA

Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) has the only contract and claims processing centre in WA. You will receive updates and information from the experts at local time. We also work closely with the State Training Authority to ensure you are getting sound advice on appropriate sign-ups in WA to ensure a smooth registration process.

Our dedicated contract and claims team will go above and beyond to ensure that your contracts are lodged promptly, and your eligible incentives are paid on time.

Service built on 26 years of experience

Claim reminders

We will provide you with several notifications to ensure you submit claims on time within the contract period, and your funds do not expire.

Apprenticeships Direct Portal

Unique to ASA, we have a cloud-based portal that employers can access anytime to see the status of claims and contract.

Tailored reporting Apprenticeships Direct Portal

For employers with larger cohorts of apprentices and trainees, we can set up regular reporting through our client support team, which provides you with all the information to track and stay on top of your due claims and contracts.

Minimal contract rejections

Our expert team will provide detailed and ethical advice which will dramatically reduce the risk of training contract rejections from the Apprenticeship Office. We provide advice and guidance on:

  • Suitable qualifications that align with your employee’s job role
  • Appropriate supervisory arrangements
  • Prior qualification implications
  • Visa limitations

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