Systems and Claims Support

Apprentices can access the Apprenticeship Data Management System (ADMS) system for self- service access to incentives and Support Loan.

The ASA team are here to provide guidance on setting up the required MyGov account and MyGovID that is needed to access to the ADMS system.

The ADMS allows Apprentices to:

  • Claim eligible Australian Apprentice Training Support payments
  • Lodge Australian Apprenticeship Support Loan applications

We also provide information on setting up your unique student identifier.


The ADMS, developed by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, assists apprentices to apply for loans or allowances and complete their own claim applications to receive payments under the incentive system.

Here’s how you get started

Step 1. Set up your myGovID

myGovID is your digital identity which makes it easier to prove who you are online.

Think of this step as a 100-point ID check, but on your smart device.
To access ADMS, your myGovID digital identity will need to be standard identity strength or above. To learn how to set up your myGovID, please visit

Step 2. Confirm your identity in ADMS

Enter your apprentice ID (your apprenticeship network provider can give you this), or your unique student identifier (USI).

Enter your date of birth, then the authentication code sent to your phone or email.

Step 3. Claim or loan application

Claim your financial incentive or apply for a loan/allowance using ADMS. You’ll receive an email when your claim application is ready to complete (ensure your apprenticeship network provider has the correct email address).

To help you get set up, an extensive list of resources and supporting guides can be found here.

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