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As an apprentice or trainee signed up by Apprenticeship Support Australia, you have access to our phone Mentoring Hotline and our team of Field Mentors to assist you to overcome any challenges you may face throughout your training journey.

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For those more complex issues, our team of field mentors are based across WA, so no matter where you are, we can book in a face-to-face meeting, chat to you over the phone, SMS or email to assist you. To book in a meeting with a Mentor, click here.

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We are introducing the Learn AT Lunch digital support program- where we provide you with exclusive access to webinars, tools, and resources to help you become the best apprentice or trainee. A regular Learn AT Lunch online newsletter will hit your inbox inviting you to online events and keeping you informed of any new information or tools that become available.

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Module 01: Setting Up For Success

For Apprentices and Trainees starting their journey.

Starting a new job comes with a lot of change and a lot of things to keep track of.  Do you know how to apply for Annual Leave, does your payslip show all of the required information, and do you know what to do if you are sick on a day you are meant to attend TAFE/RTO?

Our handy checklist asks you a bunch of questions about your employment and training arrangements, that you need to know the answer to.

If there is something on this checklist that you don’t know the answer to, the first place to ask is your supervisor at work.  Of course, if you’d rather speak with someone unconnected to your workplace, you can contact Apprenticeships Support Australia’s Mentoring Team, and they will help you with any questions you have.

The Street Smarthandbook is a practical life guide to help prepare you for life after school.

The handbook covers important topics from sexual health and the effects of drug and alcohol abuse to legal rights and applying for a loan.

It offers information specific to the school leaver, providing invaluable assistance for those who are considering buying their first car or living away from home. The handbook is also a handy guide for teens that are pondering their future career choices and supplies them with advice on apprenticeships, university and TAFE. It provides teens with straightforward, factual information about issues that they will face.

The information contained in the Street Smarthandbook is written by a collection of topical experts.

A quick guide to starting a new job.

Check out this great resource produced in conjunction with CCIWA.  This guide will give you the low down on important information to be successful at work AND at life.

The sections on tax and superannuation are especially interesting … Said no-one ever – but read this stuff anyway, because getting this right early on will make a huge difference in your life.

Top tips for succeding that you can apply today.

Stay tuned! Coming soon is some great advice from TAFE and RTO’s about how to succeed in your off-the-job learning.

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