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Are you a business who encourages women in trade?

Then partner with us. Women Trading Up (a part of Apprenticeship Support Australia) can work with you to provide untapped opportunities for women who are wanting to forge a successful trade career.

Through apprenticeships or traineeships, your business can be instrumental in delivering qualifications, skills and paid work in trade careers to help diversify your workplace/business as well as increase your productivity and overall success too.

It’s no secret that diversity is essential for a thriving economy and is why the Australian Government has committed $38.6 million from 2022 to 2026 to invest in initiatives that support females wanting to enter a non-traditional trade.

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Here at Women Trading Up, we can help your business:

  • Support females to enter a trade pathway
  • Receive the resources/support to secure the Government incentives you’re eligible for, and:
  • Foster diversity, innovation, productivity and gender inclusive safety in your workplace.


If your business is ready to be a ground-breaking leader within this rapidly growing resource, contact us today.

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Further benefits your business will enjoy include:


Customised Support Programs

Partner with Women Trading Up and our experienced team will be happy to collaborate with you and your business to develop specific support programs that will help introduce apprentices or trainees successfully into your workplace.

They know from first hand experience any potential challenges you may face and are dedicated to help you and your apprentice or trainee seamlessly integrate and feel supported from the moment they start their position with you.

Team of workers having a meeting in warehouse. Female warehouse manager talking with workers.

On-Site Business Assessments

As part of your tailored support program, you can request for our team to identify and document any necessary adjustments or changes required to successfully accommodate the introduction of female apprentices or trainees to your workplace.

This could be legislated/fair work requirements or general wellbeing guidelines, both equally important to ensure you get the absolute best out of your apprentice/trainee and in turn establish a well regarded and supportive workplace that other potential female apprentices/trainees are eager to join.

Young businesswoman giving presentation on future plans to her colleagues at office

Supervisor and/or Key Staff Coaching

You will also have the ability to request tailored coaching clinics for your supervisors or key staff who will be interacting most frequently with your apprentice or trainee.

To be a successful and diverse workplace it is critical that all interactions, processes and means of communication are handled respectfully, clear and without bias. If you feel your business could improve on these, or could simply use a refresher, then we recommend you utilise our free coaching service and put your business ahead of your competitors.

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