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Are you ready to pursue a non-traditional trade?

There’s no better time to start an apprenticeship or traineeship, especially as a female, than now!

Why now? Well, because all of those historical roadblocks to certain trades, such as stereotypes, pay inequality and lack of female role models have now become a thing of the past.

Plus, knowing that diversity and productivity is essential for a thriving economy, the Australian Government has set aside $38.6 million over the next 4 years to invest in initiatives to support females wanting to enter a non-traditional trade.

And to top it all off, Women Trading Up (a part of Apprenticeship Support Australia) is here to help you make it happen, with our free mentoring and career guidance services.

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Here at Women Trading Up, we can help:

  • Find your dream apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Give you guidance and the resources you need to obtain the Government incentives you are eligible for, and most importantly:
  • Provide you with ongoing support and mentoring so you can carve out your successful trade career

So get ready to feel welcomed, empowered and valued in this rapidly growing movement.


Trades were once considered a boy’s career, but now they’re a great career for anyone to choose

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With Women Trading Up you will benefit from:

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Our team of expert mentors are trained to assist you with any complex matters you may encounter.

They know from first hand experience the challenges you may face and are dedicated to help you complete your apprenticeship or traineeship successfully.

Feel connected and valued with:

  • On-site visits and regular check-in calls to track your progress and to hear how you are going
  • A tailored support plan to meet your needs
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Peer Community

Alongside your mentor’s support, you’ll also enjoy access to our Women Trading Up Community Group.

By connecting with other apprentices and trainees, it will allow you to share, collaborate and ultimately grow your trade career as they grow theirs.

You’ll also see news, polls, claim reminders and other helpful info to support you through your apprenticeship or traineeship journey.

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CCIWA Advice Centre

Partner with Women Trading Up and the experienced Employee Relations team at CCIWA will also be available if you need help with your entitlements as an apprentice or trainee. This includes:

  • The award, minimum wages and employment conditions
  • Human resource management and entitlements

You can also check out their bite size Employee Relations YouTube videos called Unboxing ER for helpful updates.

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