Women Trading Up Support Program: Connecting to industry/ Networking skills

Third/Fourth Year Apprentice/Trainee

Module 03: Connecting to industry/ Networking skills

Undertaking a trade qualification unlocks doors to opportunities and industries you may not even know exist!

Have you noticed just by talking to different people about their trade that the type of work or industry they might work in may be completely different to what you do or what you even knew existed?  As cliché as it sounds your trade is literally your oyster.

So how do you know what’s out there or how to cement your path to your dream trade gig?

Become a wizard in your trade!

Get to know what different career pathways you can take with your trade or the different skills required across residential, commercial, industrial industries. Explore upcoming projects or industries that align with your trade. You’ll be surprised with the need for lots of different trade labour in different industries such as cybersecurity, tourism, defence, energy, and sustainability.

Are there any peak organisations or membership organisations like MPA, NAWIC, NAWO, Women Building Australia that you can join to stay up to date about your industry and get to know others working in different areas?

Put yourself out there, build your network: Talk to everyone!  Are you onsite with other contractors or engage with clients often or have a big TAFE class of apprentices?

Check out this helpful resource on tips and tricks for networking: Networking tips and tricks

Join the EWIT – Tradie Network Tradie Network | Empowered Women In Trades (ewitrades.com).

Be interested in getting to know about their work, projects or even just their careers – people love talking about themselves and are more than often ready to offer up some wisdom. It also makes great first impression and can often lead to future opportunities.

Women Trading Up Apprentice Sundowner

Connect with other women in trade, local apprentices, industry representatives and your mentor for Women in Trade.

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