Women Trading Up Support Program: Report incidents

First Year Apprentice/Trainee

Module 03: Reporting incidents

Feeling safe at work is serious business. From accidents to downright poor behaviour  – do you know what to do and where to go if you need help with something concerning  going on in your workplace?

There are places to go, and people who can help.

Firstly, be sure to refresh yourself on your companies specific reporting policies when it comes to both safety hazards and personal safety in the workplace. Often these are shown in the induction period but it’s important to remain up to date, and if you need to – ask your supervisor for clarification. It’s also good to ask if there is a HR team or not – HR stands for human resources, in bigger companies that would usually handle complaints and report serious incidents, particularly if discretion is needed.

The Fair Work Ombudsman is another invaluable free resource. You can call them or check out their website to ask for advice on issues such as workplace harassment, safety practice concerns, or discrimination.

The Department of Communities has recently launched a Women’s Workplace safety hub which provides resources for immediate help, sexual harassment support, and how to provide both an internal and external complaint at work.

If you have witnessed something and need support, be sure to look after your own mental health too by chatting with a mentor or mental health professional at one of the resources provided.

Not sure if what’s happening at work is okay or not? Try the free Hi-Vis Women Australia (hvwa.com.au) app, which helps you quickly identify through answering simple questions whether you may need to act quickly on confronting a workplace incident.

As always, our mentoring team are here to help you navigate workplace and personal challenges. We have a general mentoring service which can be contacted at 1300 361 831, as well as our specialised Women in Trade Mentors, who assist with issues that may be a little more complex. Contact us at [email protected].

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