Women Trading Up Support Program: Resilience building for male dominated workplace

First Year Apprentice/Trainee

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Module 02: Resilience building for male dominated workplace

Resilience is all about how we bounce back. The world is changing and you are a part of that change, but being a woman in a male-dominated workplace is not always an easy road. Industry needs women and not only do we deserve to be there, we want to be there. That doesn’t mean our experience will always be a fair one. So how can you build self-resilience in a male-dominated workplace?

Be intentional with who you surround yourself with outside of work. Choose those with similar values who want to see you thrive in your career. Check out this article for tips.

Connect with other work colleagues who share in your experience, or other women in your industry. Attend networking events or committee meetings. Have you joined our Women Trading Up Page on Facebook?  Work out who might be an ally to your success. An ally can be anyone – they are simply a person who will have your back and advocate for you if you’re not in the room or not being heard.

They can be a family member, people in your workplace or industry field that you know, or even women you haven’t met who inspire you. Listen to their podcasts, hear their success stories, engage with their work, and read their books. Look for safe spaces to vent your frustrations. This could be a trusted friend, family member, or mentor. If you don’t have someone that comes to mind, you can contact our mentor team at Apprenticeship Support Australia.

The more you know, the more confident you will feel in your work. Pay attention when learning new things, self-educate, and ask LOTS of questions.

The Four R’s

Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

Learn to bounce back more determined and stronger than before and see failure as opportunities for growth.

Celebrate your successes. Yep! Even the small ones. This helps keep us motivated.

Take time for self-care to recharge and avoid burnout. Prioritise your physical and mental health and build healthy relationships.


Additional Resources

Resilience Checklist

A checklist to help you flourish and thrive at work.

The key factors of resilience are having vision, composure, reasoning, collaboration, and health. (Roussouw & Roussouw, 2016).

  • Start a journaling practice – write down how you feel and end your entries with something you are grateful for.
  • Set clear goals – start with the big one and then break them into smaller achievements.
  • Seek out podcasts, books, talks and articles which speak to you and your goals.
  • Start building your community – colleagues, other women in trade, family (chosen or otherwise), mentors or sponsors.
  • Create a sleep and exercise routine that works with your schedule and stick to it.
  • Write down your personal values and put them somewhere you can regularly connect with.
  • Keep building new skills beyond the workplace – through team sport, craft, a short course, or whatever you are drawn to.
  • Challenge yourself once per week – attend a networking event or class, ask a hard question, try a new workout class, or introduce yourself to a new person at work.
  • Practice saying YES! when you’re scared (and No – when you genuinely don’t feel safe or comfortable).

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