Women Trading Up Support Program: Self-confidence building

Second Year Apprentice/Trainee

a female call centre worker trains an intern
“You are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”
– Maya Angelou

Module 01: Self-confidence building

Are you the only female onsite or only one of a few females in a room? Do you want to make a splash early on in your career but are unsure where to start?

If you are unsure where your natural strengths lie, both personally and professionally, you could try a free test like the High5 Test (How Individuals Use HIGH5 Strengths Test Results (high5test.com) which may help you work out strength areas where you are naturally confident and may not need to focus on developing so much.

Keep note of how you speak with yourself – words matter. Showing respect to yourself helps you set the bar for others to both respect and look up to you. Your self-talk can help you with resilience building and confidence, as well as being confident to stand up for others.

If you don’t have someone you can look up to in a mentor role – reach out to ASA for help. According to Forbes, a study discovered that those with mentors were five times more likely to be promoted than those without one, while mentors were six times more likely to be promoted. Not only can this help with confidence, but it can help with processing and decision making with work or study-related issues and challenges from a clearer and more supported headspace.

Did you know?

Even Oprah Winfrey had a mentor. Maya Angelou – who helped her become a media mogul and use her platform for good.

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