Apprentice Myths Debunked

Common apprentice myths debunked

Taking on an apprentice can be a great way of building a loyal, skilled workforce, but if it’s new workforce territory then it may be a daunting step.

To make it easier, we’ve outlined the most frequent misconceptions about apprenticeships — and why they’re wrong.


“It’s hard to find a good apprentice.”

There are many services dedicated to filtering apprenticeship hopefuls so that you can find the best person for the job. With access to over 15,000 screened job seekers, Apprenticeship Support Australia offers recruitment support for potential employers. We also provide free advertising of job roles on both the Skillsroad Jobs board and the ASA Facebook page, which can be targeted at particular locations and cohorts if required. If you want further support, a short-listing service is available, ensuring all you need to do is interview and select your next employee.


“It’s too expensive: I have to pay for them to go to off-the-job training and they aren’t very productive.”

Most trainees and apprentices can be paid an apprentice or trainee wage, which takes into account the lower productivity levels of someone training to do a role. Employers can also access financial incentives through both the Federal and State Government to help offset some costs. In WA, employers also receive a payroll tax exemption for apprentices, providing tax relief while they train. Apprenticeship Support Australia can provide advice and information on incentives that may be available to you.


“There is no support available to help my business to make this successful.”

ASA offers a range of supports to help you throughout an apprenticeship. We have tools such as the Recruit Ready Diagnostic to ensure your business is prepared. We also do regular check-ins with both you and your apprentice to see how things are progressing. If any issues arise, ASA has a full team of mentors who can help, accessible via a dedicated hotline on 1300 363 831.


“I don’t have enough work in my pipeline for the entire period of the apprenticeship.”

This is where it’s crucial to explore the benefits of Group Training Organisations. They employ the apprentice or trainee and host them for you — removing the burdens of paying wages, insurance and covering liabilities. They will also move them to another employer when your project has finished and you no longer have the capacity for an apprentice.



ASA can help your business find an apprentice that is right for your workforce needs.

Call us on 1300 363 831 or email [email protected].

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