ASA expands apprenticeship support services nationwide starting July 1, 2024

Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) is thrilled to announce its expansion of its apprenticeship support services nationwide starting July 1, 2024.

Following our successful bid to continue delivering services on behalf of the Australian Government, ASA will now be an Apprentice Connect Provider across New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia (including Perth & Surrounds and Outback WA), Tasmania, South Australia, and Queensland.

With team members based in local communities across metro, regional and remote Australia, our service expansion will be supplemented by extensive outreach services, to ensure we can provide predominantly face to face servicing to employers, apprentices, trainees and schools across the nation.

We have adapted our service model to meet the new contract requirements and have introduced several enhancements aimed at improving outcomes for Australian Apprentices and Employers.


Enhancements to the Service Model:

  • Assessments: We have developed suite of data informed Assessment tools that aim to identify, upfront, any challenges that may impact on the successful completion of an apprenticeship or traineeship. Prior to sign-up, we will take some time to get to understand apprentices and employers’ needs, ensuring personalised support from the outset.
  • Wellness and Professional Development: Throughout the training contract, we will stay in contact with both apprentices and employers to catch any issues as they arise. We will also offer apprentices access to professional development opportunities and wellness support.
  • Workplace supports: Dedicated employer resources including workplace safety improvements and supervisor training.
  • Mentoring and Personal Support Services: We are increasing our mentoring support resources, making it more accessible to all who need it. Employers in need of support are also eligible for these services.
  • Engagement and Technical Support: Services Australia will no longer be processing apprenticeship related claims. Employers will be able to contact ASA for any systems access issues or claims support required.

In addition to delivering generalist services, ASA has also been contracted to deliver Specialist Provider Services in various locations. This allows us to provide extensive services tailored to the needs of:

·       Women in male-dominated trades

·       First Nations Australian Apprentices

·       Australian Apprentices in Clean Energy occupations

Please refer to Table 1 below for details on specialist support available in each service region.

Table 1: Details on where ASA operates as a Specialist Provider

NSW VIC Perth & Surrounds Outback Western Australia
Women in male-dominated trades
First Nations Australian apprentices
Australian Apprentices working towards Clean Energy occupationsa

For further information or to discuss how we can support your needs, please contact us at 1300 363 831 or email us at [email protected].

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