Contracts & Claims

Probation Periods
Can an apprentice work with me without a training contract? An apprentice is an employee who is bound by a training contract registered with the...
WAAMS Portal and Apprenticeships Direct Portal
What is the WAAMS Portal? Western Australian Apprenticeship Management System (WAAMS) is an online client portal that allows employers, apprentices and trainees to manage training...
Employer Portal: Apprenticeships Direct
As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients, we are always looking for ways to better assist and support employers and their apprentices and...
Are you paying your Apprentice or Trainee correctly?
recent report conducted by the Fair Work Ombudsman has revealed some businesses have been incorrectly paying their apprentices and trainees or have failed to comply...
Is your business risking a $5,000 fine?
Employers, training providers, and even apprentices could be risking a $5,000 fine under regulations enforced by the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD).

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