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Apprentice Incentives
Apprentice and trainee incentives unpacked There is a raft of financial supports for employers looking to take on a trainee or apprentice. We outline the...
Workforce Planning
Tips for planning your workforce With the accelerating rate of change and disruption, workforce planning has become even more critical to a company’s survival. But...
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Supporting Apprentices and Trainees Wage Subsidy Webinar
View our in-depth video from the webinar covering the financial support currently available to employers to skill their workforces through apprentices and trainees.
Probation Periods
Can an apprentice work with me without a training contract? An apprentice is an employee who is bound by a training contract registered with the...
Mentoring Services
What is Mentoring Services? Mentoring Services are provided to all employers, apprentices and trainees who may need some additional support throughout their training contract.
Completions & Trade Certificates
When is my apprentice or trainee fully completed? A training contract is fully completed when there is agreement from the employer, Registered Training Organisation (RTO)...
WAAMS Portal and Apprenticeships Direct Portal
What is the WAAMS Portal? Western Australian Apprenticeship Management System (WAAMS) is an online client portal that allows employers, apprentices and trainees to manage training...
My apprentice doesn’t agree to their termination, can I still cancel the training contract? Following the end of a training contract’s probation period, an employer cannot...
Training Providers
What is a Training Plan? The training plan is used to monitor progress and record achieved competencies during the course of a training contract.
Group Training Organisations
What is Group Training? Group Training is an employment and training arrangement whereby an organisation employs apprentices under a Training Contract and places them with...
School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships
What is a School-based Traineeship or Apprenticeship? A School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship is undertaken part-time while the apprentice or trainee is still attending school.It combines...
Trade bonus for construction industry
The Construction Training Fund (CTF) has recently announced an additional $4,000 incentive to encourage employment and training of new construction apprentices and trainees in WA.

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