Empowering young people to pursue fulfilling careers: Liz Fattore

We invited Liz Fattore, Karratha-based Industry Training Consultant to tell us about her work and how she’s helping employers to stay engaged and empowering apprentices to tap into opportunities.

What inspired you to join ASA?

I was inspired to join ASA after witnessing firsthand how it provides young people with a fantastic start in their careers. Hearing glowing recommendations from an employee about our supportive culture and opportunities for growth further solidified my decision. I’m eager to be part of an organisation that not only values skill development but also genuinely cares about its apprentices’ futures.

Can you tell us more about your role?

Empowering young people to pursue fulfilling careers: Liz FattoreAs an industry training consultant based in Karratha, I’m responsible for both enrolling apprentices and assisting them throughout their learning journey. I provide guidance, help them overcome challenges to reach their full potential. Additionally, I support the organisation by ensuring apprentices/trainees have the resources they need to succeed, contributing to a thriving learning environment.

Describe your favorite aspects of your job in three words and tell us why.

Empowering, youth and success.
Witnessing young individuals thrive in the workforce is incredibly fulfilling. Apprentices are afforded with hands-on, practical opportunities to learn while they earn, paving the way for a fulfilling career.

Biggest lesson you’ve learned in your ASA journey?

In just three weeks, I’ve come to realise the genuine support and camaraderie within the team, which underscores the importance of collaboration and mutual respect in achieving our goals at ASA.

Three things you recommend people do when visiting the Peel region/Karratha?

1. Hire a boat locally or bring your own to explore the stunning Pinocchio and surrounding islands and discover the region’s coastal landscapes at your own pace.

2. When visiting Karratha, I recommend exploring the stunning natural wonders such as the mesmerising waterholes like Hamersley Gorge or Python Pool.

3.Don’t miss out on the local food scene and hop on the free buses.

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