First Nations traineeship opportunities at ASA 

ASA is committed to building the skills base of First Nations people with traineeship opportunities to work in the organisation.

ASA office in Osborne Park.

The First Nations traineeship program strives to ensure successful trainees have an ongoing role in ASA and beyond their traineeship, providing high standards of support and service to its clients. 

“The introduction of our First Nation traineeship program has made such a big impact to our business,” says ASA Manager Carly Waterfield.  

“Their fresh ideas and strong work ethic have brought a new energy to our team.  

“They’ve shown us the importance of diversity and working together, making our workplace a better place for everyone. We’re grateful for their contributions and excited to see where their talents take us.” 

The program is open to all First Nations people, including students completing a school-based traineeship.  

Vocational education and training (VET), which includes traineeships and apprenticeships, is common among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, with 4% enrolled in a VET course nationally, according to a National Centre for Vocational Education Research report 

This is higher than the Australian population participation rate of 3%.  

“Traineeships and apprenticeships are an important pathway to a fulfilling career for First Nations people – and all Australians – as they provide hands-on, real-world experience to equip them for the workforce,” Waterfield says.  

About ASA 

ASA is committed to building a better Australia by promoting the participation in, and increasing the completion of, vocational education and training programs, including apprenticeships and traineeships under the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network. 

Its services are focused on lifting apprenticeship commencement and completion rates through the provision of support at every stage of the employment cycle. 

The ASA team is a reflection of the community it serves, fuelled by ideas, action and individuals seeking purpose.  

ASA combines 70 years of collective experience of Business NSW, the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, to deliver skills development advice and solutions to businesses and jobseekers across Australia. 

ASA is contracted by the Australian Government as represented by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations to provide Australian Apprenticeships Support Network services to employers and Australian Apprentices. 


To find out more about ASA’s First Nations traineeship program, email [email protected]. 

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