Getting in early brings long term rewards

Local Pilbara business Greentree Bithuwarnda Fencing & Civil has joined the rush of WA employers recruiting their apprentices straight out of high school off the back of 2016 graduate results.

Students across the state received both their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) results and their main round university offers in January.

Ayden Saylor, and his close mate Tyler Ridley, have both recently been recruited as Engineering Fabrication apprentices with Greentree Bithuwarnda Fencing & Civil. Saylor said he’s excited about the opportunities the qualification will open up for him, and is looking forward to reaping the rewards.

“I was looking for the opportunity to further my skills, and set myself up for the future with a trade background that I can take anywhere with me,” Saylor said.

“Having only just finished school, this is a whole new experience for me and I’m sure Tyler and I will push each other to become great tradesmen.”

General Manager of Greentree Bithuwarnda Fencing & Civil, Antonio Lara says the business has used the downturn period faced by the Pilbara region as opportunity for growth and expansion into new streams of work.

“Having the skills to maintain and also expand these new opportunities was the key motivator in offering these apprenticeships, hence both Ayden and Tyler will become key employees for our business as we drive forward,” Lara said.

“These are the first apprenticeships we have offered and we are very proud to be able to offer these opportunities to the local youth, particularly in these lean times.

“Having them trained and ready will be a great bonus when the work front in the region picks back up.”

Lara says that investing in job creation during tough times will give the community a greater level of stability and continuity when the economic tide turns again.

“Offering trades to local youths means they do not need to leave the area to seek employment and training, and can remain right here with their families and maintain growth in the region.”

Apprenticeship Support Australia Manager, Lena Constantine, is urging WA employers to recruit recent Year 12 graduates into an apprenticeship or traineeship within their business.

Figures released in December by the National Centre for Vocation Education Research (NCVER) are positive news for both business and students.

The study found that more than 83 per cent of graduates who undertook government-funded apprenticeships or traineeships were employed after training.

Constantine said that such high success rates show the VET system effectively supports employers in training and building a capable, skilled workforce for the future.

“We are seeing the vast majority of students go straight into employment, so we know that the vocational sector is providing effective support to employers and turning out highly-skilled workers who can contribute to the business,” said Constantine.

“This news should provide business with the comfort of knowing that any investment in training and upskilling staff through the VET sector is money well spent.”

“Graduates are ready-to-work, with capabilities and knowledge uniquely suited to your business and the service or products you provide.”

Constantine says the recent cohort of Year 12 graduates should consider apprenticeships or traineeships as a viable career pathway.

“The high employment rate upon completion shows that apprenticeships and traineeships are a worthwhile pathway for young people to consider.”

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