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Speaking up for business! An update on Apprenticeship Support Australia’s advocacy

As Apprenticeship Support Australia is owned and operated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, we have the experience and connections to ensure our clients and stakeholders views, concerns and recommendations can be voiced.

With concerns continuing to be raised by the business community on the declining number of apprenticeships and traineeships, Apprenticeship Support Australia has been undertaking a range of activities to advocate for change to Government.

  1. We hosted a roundtable with the Shadow Minister for Education and Training, the Hon. Donna Faragher – read more
  2. We collaborated with the National Australian Apprenticeship Association and met with the Minister for Education and Training, the Hon. Sue Ellery to discuss the impact the proposed Payroll Tax Exemption changes will have on business and the WA training market.
  3. We worked with our CCI Policy colleagues to ensure strong training policy recommendations are included in its 2018 Pre-budget submission.
  4. We have assisted CCI’s Policy team to develop a training policy position paper. This position paper has been informed by the views of Apprenticeship Support Australia clients, and allow our Policy team to advocate to both sides of government during the year.
  5. We have arranged for the Hon. Donna Faragher to visit a number of employers over the next few months to showcase the great training that is being undertaken in WA workplaces.
  6. We hosted a roundtable with a wide variety of industry associations to discuss the key changes that need to be made to Government policy to lift apprenticeship and traineeship commencements.
  7. From the Industry Association group, a joint letter was sent to various Ministers outlining concerns on the state of the training system in WA and our collaborative concerns on unintended impacts changing the payroll tax exemption will have on different sectors in WA.
  8. We continue to advocate the need for change to training policy via our social media channels.

And we’re not stopping there. We will continue to voice the concerns of our clients and stakeholders on the challenges that face the apprenticeship and traineeship system in WA.

Apprenticeships and traineeships are essential for skills development in WA. It’s training that leads to jobs and its business that provides the jobs. Apprenticeships and traineeships allow industry to develop skills for the future, and offer people the opportunity to set themselves on valuable career pathways and develop their skills throughout their careers.

Follow our #WAWorkingAgain campaign on LinkedIn and if you would like to express your views and concerns on the state of the WA training, please email [email protected].

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