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What is a Training Plan?

The training plan is used to monitor progress and record achieved competencies during the course of a training contract. The Training Plan must be negotiated and agreed to by the employer, the apprentice or trainee, and the registered training organisation. For more information on Training Plans, the Apprenticeship Office has provided a fact sheet.

Who pays Training Provider fees?

This is dependent on the award the apprentice is employed under. Many modern awards include employer reimbursement of training fees, so the responsibility to pay training fees for an apprentice may fall to the employer.

Where the off-the-job training is not covered by an employment award or agreement, the decision about who pays for the formal off-the-job training is an arrangement between the Australian Apprentice and the employer.

What options do I have for training delivery?

This will depend on the qualification and the Registered Training Provider (RTO) you have chosen.

Apprenticeships are traditionally delivered one of three ways.

  1. At the RTO campus, apprentices attend training one day a week
  2. At the RTO campus, apprentices attend training in study blocks of one to six weeks
  3. Apprentices are trained and assessed by trainer/assessors in the workplace

Traineeships are traditionally delivered in the workplace or online but can also be delivered off-site depending on your RTO.

Do I pay my apprentice to attend off-the-job training?

As part of an employer’s training contract obligations, employers are required to pay an apprentice/trainee wages to attend any training and assessment specified in the training plan.

What happens when my apprentice is ready to complete?

Your RTO is responsible for reporting the successful completion to the Apprenticeship Office which will generate the Trade Certificate for your apprentice.

Most RTOs will be in touch with you as the employer when your apprentice nears their completion date. They may also send you a ‘completion form’ to fill out indicating that all parties agree to the completion.

Can I change Training Providers?

If there are training delivery issues, I would encourage you first to discuss these with your current training provider as they may be able to correct these issues.

If you feel a new training provider is the best option, then changing training providers can be done via a Training Contract Variation form in the WAAMS portal.

NOTE: Please speak to the new training provider before actioning the change, to discuss whether additional training fees may apply and go through the recognition of prior learning for any units already completed.

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