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Electrical Apprentices

Before a newly indentured apprentice can begin doing any work for a contractor, they must first have their electrician’s training license. View the application form

Apprentices will need to read Apprentice Safety Assessment Guidelines, complete the Apprentice Safety Assessment Test and achieve a mark of at least 80%. The assessor must be a licensed electrician and he must then complete the Apprentice Safety Assessment Report. 

View the safety assessment guidelines, test and report

When making application for the training licence, the following will be required:

  • 100 points of identification
  • The completed Apprentice Safety Assessment Report signed by the licensed electrician that assessed the apprentice
  • The completed licence application form
  • A copy of pages 5-7 of the training contract
  • The fee which is currently $69

Both the apprentice and the contractor need to be aware that it is a breach of the ELR (1991) to use someone who is unlicensed to do electrical work. ELR 53(2)

Apprentices are required to be supervised. ELR 20(3)(b), (50)

Apprentices must report any change of employer to the Licensing Department at DMIRS.

When an apprentice receives their trade certificate, they have 28 days to get an Electrical Worker’s Licence. Time has to be allowed for the processing of the licence and until they receive the licence, they must continue to work supervised. After 28 days, it will be assumed that they have been working unlicensed.

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Apprentices

This trade involves some electrical work associated with the installation, testing and troubleshooting of air-conditioning and refrigeration units. The electrical training for this work is covered during the apprenticeship.

Apprentices in this trade can work under the supervision of a qualified tradesperson who has the appropriate restricted electrical worker’s licence. A training licence is not required, however, upon completion of the trade, the new tradesperson will need to apply for a restricted electrical worker’s licence or it will be assumed that they are working without a licence.

Companies that employ people to do any kind of electrical work who are not licenced are in breach of ELR 53(2). This is why the Electrical Licensing Regulations require that all contracting companies that employ electrical workers keep a register of licence holders. ELR 56 & 57 goes into detail on what information must be in the register. By keeping this register, they reduce the risk of being in breach as contractors and it also allows them to alert their employees to upcoming expiry dates on their licenses.

For further information, contact the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety by calling 08 6251 1971

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