We often ask questions and try to find out ways to do things differently: Trevor Shana

Trevor Shana, an intern turned employee, is among the ASA team that reinforces the power of vocational education. He is a Client Engagement Officer (Visits) with one goal in mind – troubleshooting for our clients including employers, apprentices and trainees and helping them notch up skills development through apprenticeship and traineeship pathways.

What started off as an internship opportunity for Trevor is now his full-time job and he is forging a career with skills learnt from the work experience, in addition to his academic background. Trevor shares with us his work and challenges behind the scenes and what makes the engagement team stand out.

Reinforcing the power of apprenticeship and traineeshipWith a background in human resources and economics, how did you wind up at ASA working as an Engagement Officer?

A friend who used to work at ASA recommended me to apply for the internship. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity, which was a significant step to advance my communications and interpersonal skills given my academic background.

Tell us more about your internship at ASA. What was the biggest highlight of your experience? Would you recommend others to apply for an internship at ASA?

My time as an intern at ASA was great. I had done another internship prior to joining ASA and I felt a massive difference, even on day one. Part of my positive experience came from the team culture and the emphasis on opportunities for growth cultivated by the leadership team. Whilst there was no guarantee to full-time work after completing the internship, I was given autonomy and trust to complete tasks assigned, which made me feel valued.

The biggest highlight would be the full-time job opportunity after completing my internship in 2023.

I would recommend others to complete an internship at ASA.

What excites you about your work?

The positive team culture is a major factor that makes it exciting to come to work. My colleagues at the office are collaborative and I truly enjoy the work, connecting with apprentices and employers to help them make the most of their journeys.

Tell us more about your current role? What are the biggest challenges and how do you manage them?

I currently work as an Engagement Officer (Visits). The hardest part about my job is helping clients/employers/ apprentices to achieve their respective needs and goals. What I’ve learned from the team and through my day-to-day work is that we strive for excellence while being flexible, providing timely support to help all stakeholders make the most of the apprenticeship/traineeship experience.

How does ASA Engagement Team provide apprentices with the support that they need?

The ASA Engagement Team is always here to help and willing to go the extra mile. We try to learn new skills and improve our service delivery with every opportunity. For example, we often ask questions and try to find out ways to do things differently. I believe that’s an important way to lead to better outcomes for our apprentices.

Having engaged with apprentices and trainees, what are some of the most common issues they face regarding their apprenticeship or traineeship journey?

Striking the right balance between working and studying is one of the common challenges faced by apprentices/ trainees. Navigating communication issues with their employers, financial stress and access to support and resources are also among the top challenges apprentices and trainees would potentially take on during their journey.

If you were to start an apprenticeship, which industry or job would you get into and why?

I would get into heavy diesel mechanic apprenticeship because it’s a challenging and rewarding career.


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